Coloured wood block prints

My woodblock prints are multi layered multi coloured prints created over a week to ten days. I use an oil based ink extender print inks and oil paint to ink my prints so  I usually ink only one colour per day to allow for the last colour to dry sufficiently between layers. This makes the process quite slow but satisfying. I derive great enjoyment from being able to vary the prints between editions, changing the colours to depict different times of the day and lights and changing the clouds thereby making the most of both sides of the blocks and all my efforts to carve them. While I enjoy doing single colour–usually black & white prints– I find they are all over and done with too quickly and relish the protracted nature of the coloured prints.

Most are in editions of no more than eight.

All the prints on this page are AU$130 each with free shipping.

My work can be purchased 


by contacting me via the contact form and I will give you PayPal details or take a credit card transaction.

or on Etsy

and Bluethumb

or at our shop at 40 Herbert St Laura South Australia.

Landscape prints

Seascape prints

2 Responses to Coloured wood block prints

  1. barbara says:

    Hi Tina: I really enjoyed looking at your site. The variety of colors and moods is lovely.
    Barbara Zietchick


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